US stocks are at a record high. The dollar is strongest since mid-April

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The main index S&P 500 of the New York exchange ended Wednesday’s trading at the highest level in its history. Shortly before closing the floor, he even crossed the 4300 point mark for a while. The New York Stock Exchange thus grew for the fifth day in a row.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average also performed well, strengthening 0.61 percent and also approaching its all-time highs. Only the technology Nasdaq lost slightly on Wednesday. But US stocks have another successful quarter behind them. All three key indices on Wall Street managed to grow continuously for the fifth consecutive quarter. The S&P 500 has even had its best first half of the year since 1998.

Wall Street is riding a wave of optimistic expectations about developments in the US labor market. Initial data suggest that more new jobs were created in the US in June than expected. While analysts polled by Reuters expected an increase of 600,000, almost one hundred thousand more jobs were created in June.

This was also reflected in the exchange rate of the US dollar against a basket of key global currencies. The dollar index strengthened by three percent in June and is the strongest since mid-April. In addition to the good economic news, this was also due to a recent change in the Fed’s announced monetary policy in the sense of earlier tightening of monetary policy screws than originally expected.


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