South African Republic cut mining operations except for coal


Starting 16th April, majority of South African mines can operate only in 50% of their capacity

The government introduced these measures to prevent coronavirus pandemic.

Most of South Africa’s underground mines will be affected by the precaution as their operators can only use half of their capacities. The measure does not concern coal mines supplying Eskom State Energy Company. Mines have tried to persuade the government not to impose such measures and offered they would place employees affected by Covid-19 into quarantine.

In the end, the government chose a compromise solution – enabling mines to operate in 50%. According to Gwede Mantashe, Minister of Mineral resources, the government is aware that a complete lockdown of mines would endanger their stability in case it lasted too long.

South African Republic is global largest producer of chrome ore and provides around 70% of global platinum supply. Furthermore, the country is major supplier of many minerals and metals. As global commodity market experiences decline in demand for industrial raw materials, the current situation is difficult for the country.


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