Gulf Brokers Ltd. review

Welcome to our series of reviews of trading websites. Today we are going to be looking into the Gulf Brokers Ltd. website – design, services, trading platform, etc. Enjoy!

Web design

First impression suggests that this broker prefers calm and respectable look. The colors are subdued and limited in number. The site has a clear structure, it is well arranged with no deluge of marketing stuff so the user can find quickly all the essential information.

Website features

News and other information

Gulf Brokers offers a limited news service with few posts each week. Though the volume is not overwhelming, the broker focuses on main areas of investors‘ interests like commodities and major currency pairs driven by the underlying economic and political events. In addition to news service, there is a calendar with highlighted major events in financial world, which helps with everyday orientation of traders. There is no section dealing with education for traders.


Gulf Brokers platform offers trading with commodities, forex, indices and shares. In addition to this, the broker allows traders to use interesting leverage opportunities with leverage up to 1:500 while trading in forex. Trading with high leverage is of course very risky, but potentially very profitable. Should you choose to trade using leverage you better be careful! There are no universal trading rules as every instrument has its own terms and conditions. Gulf Brokers have no fees on deposits or withdrawals, which is a huge advantage as traders can move their resources as they like without worrying about paying too much for such transfers.

Trading information

Investors can choose between web and desktop client or smartphone-based client. Both use modern Metatrader 5 platform so there is no big difference between those two options. Website offers a demo client. This option should be made more visible. barely advertise it. Demo client is accessible after opening of an account. To do so, you need to input required information and soon after you will receive an email with your credentials. To activate your account, you need to verify it first. Current level of safety is pretty standard.

Both clients are minimalistic, the interface is functional, but not too fancy. This is both a strength and a weakness at the same time. I prefer functional interface, but your taste is what matters. Metatrader 5 is one of the fastest platforms available due to its simplicity. There are two modes of trading, you can either go through the standard route of customizing your order via the new order buttons, or you can select the fast route of one click trading.

There are many customization options on hand for more experienced investors, such as various graphs and lines, but the amount of information available is limited.


Conclusion and information about broker

On the whole, this website can be recommended to investors that are looking for simple, fast and reliable broker. Especially, an advanced user may find the terms of service, especially the leverage offered, to be enticing.

Gulf Brokers Ltd. is a company regulated and registered in Seychelles, which means it is not subject to some of the more onerous EU and US regulations. This broker can be contacted by phone, mail or via help service.






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