Interested in bitcoin? Play Minecraft

New Minecraft server offers players to earn bitcoin in a treasury hunt

A new Minecraft game called SatoshiQuest enable players to find a hidden treasure in Minecraft land“. Players have to pay bitcoin fee equivalent to $1 US to participate in the game. These fees are gathered and shared among the community and later used as a reward for the best player.

First quest of SatishiQuestu started on 26th January and the game starts all over again once treasury hunt is found. Server automatically controls bitcoin spot price and updates fee value so that it equals to $1 US.

About 90% of fees is used as jackpot, remaining money is used to cover expenses of developers. Once player finds treasure, they receive about 85% percent of the jackpot and 5% remains to another quest. The reward is paid only if jackpot value exceeds value collected via entrance fees. The project is open and access codes are available on GitHub.


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