If Trump gets re-elected, shares will release according to millionaire Marks

Howard Marks, American millionaire and co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management, is convinced that re-electing Donald Trump US president would be good news for Wall Street investors.

According to him crucial will be whether the elected president will be business-oriented. The 73-year old billionaire sees Donald Trump as most suitable candidate in that sense. “Well, look! A week before Donald Trump’s election, there were two things we were sure of: Hillary would win and if Trump won the markets would collapse, “Howard Marks said in interview for CNBC. Donald won and the market went up, “he added.

Marks also talked about Trump’s counter-candidates. Michael Bloomberg, former NY Mayor, is business-oriented and former Vice President Joe Biden has moderate relationship to politics, according to Marks. Marks stated that shares are currently valued quite high and Trump’s winning in second term could keep the its value high.



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