American shares react positively to US-China trade negotiations

After two days of American shares downfall, they found their way back to growth.

Based on right speculations on positive shifts in US-China trade negotiations, Dow Jones index returns to the value of 28,000 points.

American president Donald Trump stated on NATO Summit in London that the talks between US and China on first phase of possible trade deals “go well“. Shares reacted on it with growth following the two-day downfall starting on Monday. Dow Jones Industrial Average Index lost few points starting this week and appeared under the level of 28,000 points. Yet, Trump’s opinion caused turnover.

There’s less than 300 points missing to surpass 28,000 points again. Other major Wall Street Stock Exchanges, that is S&P 500 and Nasdaq did record similar progress in indexes in first half of the week. Shares rally should continue in upcoming days because first results of US-China trade talks should be known to public on 15th December.

Nevertheless, only few days ago Donald Trump said there’s no deadline on first phase of agreement. Half December makes an important date as more import taxes on China’s goods should start to be valid.


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