News from crypto market: Bearish BTC and shaky support of Facebook’s Libra

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Bitcoin’s slow fall from to the top continued over the last few days when bears come out of hiding.

News about possible slip below $7,000 are filling cryptocurrency related media all week. One strong bearish push could pull back all the gains in past year.

However, some experts, such as Bayern LB one of top banks in Germany, claim that value of BTC could be significantly higher. Report from Bayern LB says that BTC could reach $90,000 in 2020 due to bitcoin’s halving.

BTC is currently worth $8,300 after a 1,2 % slip in past 24 hours. ETH also slipped by 1,4 % to $177. LTC on the other hand experienced a slight increase and is now worth $57. Except LTC all cryptocurrencies in TOP 15 by their market capitalization experienced mild losses. Bearish sentiment is still present on the cryptocurrency market.


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